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Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City

5960 Dearborn Street Ste. 100
Mission, KS 66202
913-384-4848 Phone
913-384-4949 Fax

2017-18 Seminar Series


Directions:  Click on the register button.  ALL seminars are FREE. Breakfast or lunch is provided. You can call 913-384-4848 or email info@kcdsg.org if you have any questions.

Download a Seminar Series flier.

Improving Speech and Communication for Students with Down Syndrome:

As a pediatric SLP and parent of a child with Down syndrome, I have a unique opportunity and perspective.  Have you wondered why speech is so difficult for your student/child?  Why they seem to know or understand something one day but not at a later date?  Have you considered how memory and processing affect language learning and Use?  Are negative behaviors impeding progress?  This presentation will highlight the typical

learning profile for students with Down syndrome, language supports and strategies. We will also identify ways memory directly impacts language and learning and discuss speech therapy considerations and techniques. Attendees will learn interventions to prevent negative behaviors and adapt curriculum as well as language facilitation strategies that can be used across all environments.

    Sept 14, 2017                        March 8, 2018
8:30am-11:30am                     12:30pm-3:30pm


Fostering Independence in Students with Down Syndrome:  

Is your student with Down syndrome prompt, praise and reward dependent? Do you spend a significant amount of the day trying to find ways to motivate the student to work or stay on task? This seminar will highlight strategies for structuring your classroom and schedule for success while promoting independence and on task behavior. Attendees will also learn how to help students identify when they are frustrated and ask for help as well as develop coping strategies and work through non-preferred tasks.

     Oct. 19, 2017                      January 11, 2018
 8:30am-11:30am                    12:30pm-3:30pm





Behavior Bootcamp: Strategies for Supporting Students with Down Syndrome:

Get excited about behavior modification! This seminar is jam packed with research based methods of shaping behavior based on identifying the function and creating actionable positive behavior modification strategies you can implement right away! Presented by a seasoned special educator and Mom to a boy with Down syndrome. Learn from my personal and professional challenges over the last ten years and how we've managed to overcome them. Reduce your stress level and your student’s stress level by getting back 5-7 hours of academic instruction time each week when you utilize these helpful strategies.

November 9, 2017              February 8,  2018
8:30am-11:30am                12:30pm-3:30pm


Addressing Sensory Issues in Students with Down Syndrome:                        

Sensory processing difficulties are common in children with Down syndrome.  These difficulties may present in a variety of ways such as behavior difficulties, failure to follow directions, aggression,  or communication deficits.  Sensory processing must be addressed for a child to be successful in the classroom.  Our presentation will provide you with information about sensory processing and strategies that you can use to help students be more successful.  Presented collaboratively by an SLP, OT and PT, this session will send you back to class with some new tools in your tool belt to help your students cope with sensory issues and stay on task in an academic setting.

December 7, 2017              April 5,  2018
12:30pm-3:30pm               8:30am-11:30am