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Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City

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This page has NOT been updated for Spring and Summer 2020 yet. The dates for Spring Break camp will be March 16-20th, 2020 9am-3pm.

Overnight camp will be June 5th (PM) through June 9th, 2020 (AM).

Details and applications coming soon! See below for last years information to help you get an idea of what to expect!


 FAQ section added at the bottom


Camp Address: Youth Rotary Camp 22310 NE Colbern Rd, Lee's Summit, MO 64086

Tuesdays and Friday camps are at different locations around the city

All Camp Requirements: 

1. Teens between the ages of 12-18 with Down syndrome are invited to apply.

2. Julie will have a phone or face-to-face conference with a family, if behavior is a concern, or if the teen has not ever been to STARS before camp. 

3. Teens turning 19 prior to June 4th are ineligible to attend any Summer Camp activities. Anyone turning 19 between June 4-August 9th is welcome to attend any and all summer camp activities. 

4. Teens turning 12 prior to June 24th are welcome to sign up for any and all summer camp activities. If you turn 12 after June 24th you will be unable to attend any summer camp events. You will need to wait until the start of the school year events in Late August. 

You must fill out one form for each STARS teen, if you have more than one teen with Down syndrome.

To see pictures of the camp location visit The Rotary Youth Camp Website

Everything we do at camp and STARS is based on the DSG Pillars 



Summer Camp Options:

* Applications are due  by May 1, 2019 

* Campers will be notified of their status by May 6, 2019 at 12pm CST. 

* Payment is due by: June 1, 2019 (you will be sent an invoice if application accepted)


Camping with the STARS: 

Weeklong day and overnight camp June 24-28th, 2019. DSG will have a full time certified nurse on-site 24 hours a day at the camp. The theme for Summer Camp is Express Yourself. Daily themes will focus on the DSG Pillars and teens learning to express themselves in different ways including Mind, Body, Socially, through their Actions and through words. Special appearances by our Pathways therapy team, goat yoga, tree climbing, Take the Stage KC, etc. As well as Movie night, group swim night, DJ and dance night, and cookout campfire night. Lots of guest activities and tons of fun! 

Check-in will be June 24th from 8:00-10:00am

Check-out will be June 28th between 2-3pmpm. 

  • Option 1: Overnight Camp:
    • For campers ready and eager to leave mom and dad for the week and enjoy some time with friends. Those who are comfortable staying overnight away from home. 
    • Day AND overnight camp, ALL meals and snacks provided
    • Cost: $500
  • Option 2: Day Camp and Partial Overnight Camp:
    • For campers who would like to try the overnight option, but aren't quite ready for the whole week away from home.
    • Day camp + ONLY overnight on June 26 and 27 (two nights), lunch and snacks provided, dinner provided on June 26 and 27 only 
    • Cost: $400
  • Option 3: Day Camp Only:
    • For campers who don't like to stay overnight away from home, but would love to attend day camp.
    • Only day camp (9-5 PM), lunch and snacks provided 
    • Cost: $300
    • If transportation to camp on a daily basis is an issue for you if your child is not planning to spend the night, DSG can arrange a van to drive teens from pre-decided locations to help. Please indicate on your application. 

Traditional DSG Summer Camp: On Tuesdays 1-4pm and Fridays 9AM-12PM- this is what DSG has always offered in the summer. 


  • Total of 14 events, 3 hours each
  • Most locations will be off-site- TBD
  • Offered June 4 to August 9 (EXCEPT NO Camp on June 18, 21, 25, 28, and July 2, July 5)
  • Snacks provided 
  • Cost: $125 ($25 credit given for each camp enrolled in above up to $50 per child with Down syndrome) 
    • For example, If you were at Spring Break camp ($25 dscount), enroll in overnight summer camp ($25 discount), and do regular summer camp, you would get a $50 credit or reduction in price for your summer long camp, costing you only $75 for the summer T/F sessions) 
    • See list of events on www.kcdsg.org/starsevents

Application Process: 

Camping with the STARS Application: Be sure to have the following handy:

Access to your teens health insurance card

Information for emergency contacts (This can be updated later at camper drop off)

Primary care physician contact info and hospital preference. 

The application deadline was May 1st at 12am. We hope to see you next year. 

Traditional STARS Summer Camp ONLY: (Use this application ONLY if you do not plan to do Overnight/Day Camp in June and just want the Tuesday/Friday Summer camp)

Frequently Asked Questions about overnight summer camp: 

1. (June 24-28th only) My child has a food allergy. Will this be a problem for the meals that are served? 

No this will not be a problem. The Rotary Camp has a kitchen staff that is used to working with food allergies. We give them this information and they make sure there are snacks and meals that fit each dietary need. 

2. (June 24-28th only) My child needs to sleep with a cpap machine or other device that needs electricity. Is this a problem? 

No, there is a cabin with electricity for this reason. DSG will carefully place those who need overnight electricity into this cabin. If there are both boys and girls who need cpap machines plugged in, there is also a nurses cabin with air conditioning that the females will be able to sleep in. 

3. (June 24-28th only) What is the set up of the sleeping arrangements?

The Rotary Camp has been around for over 100 years, with updates being made where needed. Part of the fun is in having the authentic camping experience of the great outdoors. That being said, there are 13 cabins, which can each sleep 12 campers. The goal of DSG would be to have 2 staff per cabin, with 4 campers. This would leave the top bunk for teens to store their belongings and the bottom bunk for them to sleep on. This is not a guarantee, as we do not know the exact numbers of who will be participating, but we hope to keep the camper to staff ratio 2:1. Girls and boys would have separate cabins. 




4. (June 24-28th only) What are the cabins like? 

The cabins do not have electricity, therefore, no air conditioning. However, camps are hosted year round in this facility and the cabins getting too hot has never been an issue. There are windows on all sides of the cabins, two exit doors, and exhaust fans in each cabin to keep airflow. Teens are also welcome to bring battery operated fans if they would like. 

5. (June 24-28th only) Is there air conditioning available for hot days? 

Yes. The nurses station and the administration building are air conditioned. Teens will have access to these buildings should they need it, however, teens will be swimming in the hotter portions of the day and in the shade in the cooler portions of the day if weather becomes an issue. With the camp being at the beginning of June, we hope for this to not be a huge problem.

6. (June 24-28th only) What are the showers like? 

There are boys and girls showers. Staff will be present to assist where needed. There are shower stalls in each bathroom and a changing area. There are also multiple restrooms in each bathroom. There is one main restroom on the camp grounds, with other individual restrooms in the main dining hall, admin building, nurses station, and the pool. Each cabin does not have a restroom. 




7. Who are the volunteers and staff working with my child? 

Each volunteer and staff member working at summer camp will be background checked by DSG. Only those who have worked with DSG in the past and who have a good relationship with DSG will be lead cabin staff. DSG will not allow any volunteers on the camp site without having a background check. 



8. (June 24-28th only) What is the nurse utilized for? 

The nurse is a full time certified nurse from Childrens Mercy Hospital. She will be available for emergencies, as well as medicine administration, and other issues which may arise. She will also be doing foot fungus checks and head lice checks at the beginning of camp as part of the state requirements. 

9. (June 24-28th only) What will the swimming situation look like? 

Each camper is required to go through a swimming test on the first day. The certified lifeguards at camp will be present whenever anyone is in the pool. These are paid lifeguards. Campers will only be allowed in the area of water that they qualify for based on their swimming ability. There are life jackets available for everyone to be able to experience the water safely. The pool is also a zero entry pool, with wheelchair accessibility. Swimming is for everyone! 


10. What activities will my camper be doing? 

Activities are planned to meet the needs of the campers, as well as the weather (too hot or cold). Arts and crafts activities are planned in the cooler parts of the day, along with sports activities, to prevent overheating. Swimming, indoor activities, etc are planned in the hotter parts of the day. With a Speech and Language Pathologist and Occurpational Therapist on staff at DSG, activities will incorporate learning in these areas, without teens even knowing it. As with any STARS event, learning a new skill or building on existing skills is the main goal. No activity at camp will happen without a purpose. Yes, one purpose is to have fun, but we have lots of fun while learning too. Outside activities will be brought in which could include: bounce houses, tree climbing, fire trucks and giant sprinklers, giant slides, petting zoos, yoga instructors, dance instructors, sports instructors, etc. The possibilities are endless! 


11. (June 24-28th only) What if my teen turns 12 or 19 during summer camp? How does that work with the cost? 

Teens turning 19 prior to June 4th are ineligible to attend any Summer Camp activities. Teens turning 12 after July 15th are ineligible to attend summer camp this year, but are welcome to start attending STARS activities when they resume regular Wednesday evening times in August. Anyone turning 19 between June 4-August 9th are welcome to attend any and all summer camp activities. Teens turning 12 prior to July 15th are welcome to attend any and all summer camp activities. 

Summer camp fees are based on each camp provided. So if your teen turns 12 on July 12th, you would pay the full amount for the camp you choose, but they are welcome to attend the first day of camp on June 4th, event though they are technically still 11 at that time. 

12. Who will be at camp while DSG is there? 

Only DSG teens, staff, and volunteers will be at camp during the June 24-28th time frame. No other camps will be using the camp at the same time as DSG. The only other person who is allowed on the camp grounds is Laurie Mozley, the camp director. She runs the entire camp and lives onsite. She has been background checked. 

Other questions will be added as they come up. Please feel free to email info@kcdsg.org  with other questions. I want to be sure you are comfortable with what you are signing your teen up for, so ask away!