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All Guild Social Events: 

DSG hosts several events each year for all members to come together and share common interests and values. Among these are: Easter Eggstravaganza, featuring an EGG-CITING Easter Egg Hunt, Annual Picnic, Holiday Party and American Royal Rodeo. Families look forward to these events as an opportunity to network and share information and resources with one another.

Meal Voucher Program: 

Some of our families will spend an extended amount of time in the hospital with their children due to medical complications. DSG will provide meal vouchers to offset expenses incurred while staying in the hospital. Families can also request a visit from another member of DSG during their stay in the hospital.

Birthday Club Program: 

Everyone loves to be remembered on their special day. DSG sends out a birthday greeting with a treat to each individual with Down syndrome in our database during their birthday month. It’s our special way of reminding them how much DSG loves them.

Elementary Group: 

Activities designed to educate, entertain and provide a healthy social environment for children with Down syndrome and their families. Scheduled group outings present opportunities for parents to work with their children on behavior management, inclusion and socialization. Activities include Wonderscope Children’s Museum, Horseback riding, Tunnel Town, Kaleidoscope, The Kansas City Zoo and more.

STARS Teen Group:

Independent social opportunities for teenagers with Down syndrome. This pDSG_KC052.JPGrogram offers a safe social environment for teenagers with Down syndrome to interact with each other and teenagers without Down syndrome. Parents are encouraged not to attend so that the teenagers may develop independent skills. Activities include miniature golf, movies, bowling, dances, pottery-painting parties, horseback riding, skating and more.  Find out more here.

Adult Group: 

The gatherings for adults with Down syndrome includes meeting for dinner, movies, parties and dances. The group also meets for workshops on independent living skills to help them manage the responsibilities of being an adult.

If you have questions about DSG programs and services, or would like to make a suggestion for a new program, please contact us.





The Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City provides programs and services to improve the quality of life for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. DSG serves over 1200 families caring for a loved one with Down syndrome in the greater Kansas City area on both sides of the state line. We partner with 22 area hospitals, 45 school districts and countless service providers to provide information, support resources and greater awareness.

Print the DSG Programs and Services Brochure or read on below for a comprehensive list of DSG services:

New Parent Magazine:

New Beginnings Magazine is designed to educate and comfort new parents of a child with Down syndrome. The magazine is filled with useful and accurate information with helpful lists of resources for families with individuals with Down syndrome. Families can request a parent to parent visit or phone call, a free copy of the book Babies with Down Syndrome and have their names added to our mailing list by returning a detachable postcard in the magazine. New Beginnings is presented to parents as early as possible and at no cost. DSG works cooperatively with local hospitals and physicians to distribute approximately 100 magazines each year.

Parent to Parent Network:

As soon as DSG is informed of a new baby with Down syndrome, a parent from our network contacts the new parents to offer support, friendship and information on how to receive support from DSG and other local resources.


a bi-monthly newsletter, is disseminated to 2,000 recipients in four countries and 28 states. Each edition holds inspirational stories, upcoming DSG events, community group activity listings, current research findings, pertinent medical information, Dad’s Corner articles and organizational notes.  View the latest issue and past issues online!

Resource Library:

Books, videos and brochures about Down syndrome available on loan at no cost. DSG maintains approximately 200 titles available to families.  Contact DSG to ask about an item.

List of Local Resources:

Lists of available services for families of individuals with Down syndrome. The DSG staff maintains an accurate and up-to-date listing of convenient and necessary resources.

Annual Conference:

DSG is proud to host an annual educational conference which brings together experts in the field to discuss best practices in working with individuals with Down syndrome.  View past conferences and handouts here.


DSG offers financial funding for families to attend other local and national conferences that will benefit their family.  DSG offers financial funding to individuals with Down syndrome (ages 18+) to attend summer camps or post-secondary enrichment programs.  Contact DSG for an application.

Seminars and Workshops: 

DSG hosts seminars and workshops throughout the year as requested by DSG members. Past events include the Mind Your Marriage Seminar where couples were counseled by licensed therapists on how to relieve stressors in their marriage; IDEA 101, where families learned how to navigate the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Talk Tools Oral/Motor/Speech Therapy seminar where parents and therapists learned how to enhance speech for individuals with Down syndrome.

The%20Learning%20Program%20009.1.jpgLearning Program: 

DSG offers an early literacy program for children with Down syndrome (ages 4 - 6) and their parents to help bridge the gap between research and practice.  Students participate in a classroom setting while parents attend a seminar focused on various topics regarding instruction, learning styles, literacy, math, phonics, and the IEP process. This program meets monthly for a period of 9 months.  Find out more information here.







Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City

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