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The Learning Program 009.1.jpg

Building Strong Foundations

for Educational Success

One of the best gifts you can give your child is a great foundation when entering school.    DSG invites you to apply for the Learning Program, which will help you better understand the academic learning needs of children with Down syndrome.

Your attendance will help you develop a learning station at home, build an instructional routine, increase your child’s stamina for academic tasks and increase your child’s reading vocabulary with 120 words by the end of the nine sessions. 

LP Graduation 2014 (2).jpg

What Are People Saying 2.png

"The Learning Program was a great experience because it provided specific tools and resources and then explained how to use them effectively. The program will improve the quality of time I spend teaching my son, and has also helped shape my general interactions with him." - DSG Parent


"My son & I have participated in 2 years of the Learning Program.  I've become better equipped to help my child learn at school and at home.   I've gotten so many books from the Learning Program and websites I would have never known about. The Learning Program has helped me become a better advocate for my son.  I'm much more confident and knowledgeable talking with his teachers and IEP team.  You'd be a fool not to enroll your child in the Learning Program!" - DSG Mom


"We benefited tremendously from the timing of the learning program. We participated in the program the year before our daughter was heading to kindergarten. This allowed me to attend her kindergarten transition IEP meeting with hard data on the kindergarten curriculum content she had already mastered. Providing that information helped support our request that she be placed in a general ed classroom and also allowed me to contribute to the IEP process as an expert on my daughter's learning behaviors, rather than as a parent asking a group of strangers to give my daughter the benefit of the doubt. The Learning Program leveled the playing field in a number of ways, and having the expertise and guidance at our disposal proved invaluable during our transition process." - 1st Year Parent Participant




Learning Program

DSG believes your child has unlimited potential and a very bright future! One of our goals is to help you be first-teachers for your children.

The Learning Program was created by the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County to bridge the gap between research and practice. Although researchers continue to discover more about how people with Down syndrome learn, their insight has been slow to filter to parents and teachers.

The Learning Program is designed to supplement traditional education. Despite some wonderful teachers, traditional education too often fails children with Down syndrome due to poor educational placement, lack of trained assistants and outdated stereotypes.

Through this program, we hope to strengthen the educational potential for children with Down syndrome, irrespective of their formal educational setting.


Download a brochure for more information.

Download a Learning Program Application!

Fill out a Skills Checklist to help us know your child better when they enter the Learning Program.

Tuition is $200.00 for nine classes
$100.00 for four classes (only available to Level Pre-K & Level 1)

Take a Peek at Our Classroom!


click_here_button_1.jpg To find out about the learning resources we use in our classroom!

LP Graduation.jpg

2014 LP graduation.jpg

LP Grad OS.jpg





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