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Assistance Rating
Students with disabilities frequently receive credit for work completed by another person. Use this quick questionnaire during a visit to a secondary classroom as a way to measure the assistance given to students to complete tasks.

Participation Rating
How often is a student really participating in class? Use this form as a way to guide an observation of the student in the middle or high school environment and assess classroom participation.  

Participation Plan
Who is doing what? Where is the student supposed to be and when? Who is supposed to help? Use this form to create a system of accountability and define roles and tasks so everyone on the team knows what to do.  

Daily Participation Record
Paraeducators and classroom teachers complete this quick and simple form each day to document classroom accomplishments and maintain focus on pertinent goals. 

Daily Participation Record - Sample
See a sample of a daily participation record created to help the school team document the daily performance of staff members and students.

IntelliPics Planning Sheet
IntelliPics is a multi-media authoring tool used by professionals and parents to create accessible learning activities that incorporate graphics, animation, text and sound. This sheet is designed to help individuals with a working sense of IntelliPics plan multi-sensory learning activities.


Classroom Support

From the United Kingdom, the 2011 Primary and Secondary Education Support Packs are updated with new information describes how to meet the educational needs of children and young people with Down's syndrome at different stages in their education.

The Primary Education Support Pack provides information to help primary schools meet the educational needs of children with Down syndrome.

The Secondary Education Support Pack builds on the structure of the Primary Support Pack with the addition of many more illustrations and practical examples to represent the varied needs of young people across the curriculum in a mainstream secondary school environment

The Celebrating Success series brings to life the DSA Education Support Packs by using case studies written in the words of teachers, assistants and parents.  The series is spilt into four areas of education Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education/Employment and demonstrates how to implement successful inclusion across each key phase of education.

Supporting the Student With Down Syndrome in Your Classroom- A Teacher's Manual  Created by educators in the Austin Independent School District in conjunction with the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas and shared with the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan, this all inclusive teacher's manual covers all aspects of creating a successful education program for students with Down Syndrome.

How Does Your Classroom Work?
Special educators can use this brief but thorough checklist to learn more about the regular classroom environment. Take it along when meeting the classroom teacher to initiate questions and guide discussions. Form includes a To Do list to help with planning curricular adaptations. 

Determining Appropriate Paraprofessional Support

Take a look at some rubrics shared by districts when it comes to determining if a paraprofessional is needed for a student, and how much time is needed by a paraprofessional as a support.

Upper Penninsula Rubric

Paraprofessional Rubric